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Achievement Unlocked : Dogecoin in Space!

We all knew it was going to happen, after all the moon is our goal, but here it is: Dogecoin being launched into Space, via the AlbertaSat satellite being launched into orbit.


Dogecoin launch aboard the AlbertaSat cubesat!  Images courtesty of Nanoracks, NASA and AlbertaSat!

From Nasa:

“On April 18, 2017 Ex-Alta 1 blasted into space aboard the SS John Glen Cygnus spacecraft on top of the Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Florida. It made a quick stop aboard the International Space Station. Last Friday, May 26, 2017, Ex-Alta 1 was deployed into space from the ISS, taking Dogecoin with it!”

The image was engraved on a microchip.

View post on


More info available here on this Reddit thread, and the AlbertaSat site itself.


What a world for a Doge to live in!



Three great videos about Dogecoin



Fresh on the heels of Dogecoin’s one-year anniversary gamer Koen Hasuki released three videos today highlighting Dogecoin.

Aside from his clearly presented information, the greatest part of these videos is the avatar: All dialogue is presented with a beautifully rendered Shiba Inu!

Enjoy and pass along to your friends who may not be familiar with Dogecoin.

Intro to Dogecoin

Using Dogetip Bot

Spending and Exchanging

Making Money: An Interview with Tony Pepperoni of Shibe Mint

GoldDSide-2 Today we are so used to tangible, physical coins and paper notes it’s hard for a digital currency newcomer to wrap their head around “invisible magic internet money”. The problem with virtual currency is just that- it’s virtual. You can’t hold it in your hand.

No problem, we have people in the community to fill that need, meet Tony Pepperoni, CEO of The Shibe Mint and his physical Dogecoins.

Tony and his noble crew have set about immortalizing the amazing Dogecoin with it’s own physical representation in a collectable coin. Oh, did I say coin? I meant coins. Not just Copper, not just Silver, but now a Gold plated coin serving as an incredible hat-trick of beautiful memorabilia to commemorate the birth of an exciting and exploding digital currency.

The community definitely seems to have a need for these. Pictures of people’s coins pop up almost every day on /r/dogecoin. The Shibe Mint isn’t even alone in this. Users like /u/ozbloke and others work in everything from metal to 3d-printing technology to produce beautiful coins for the community.silver cert

The coins from the Shibe Mint are spectacular, they come in limited edition and include a protective case, a letter of authenticity complete with holographic serial number, and a bonus Dogecoin wallet with few hundred “real” Dogecoin. The Copper coins were $10 Dollars U.S., and the silver coins were sold for $35.00. The 24kt gold plated coins are being released for only $16.99. Of course, you can pay in Dogecoin.

But who is this Tony Pepperoni? I pictured a blacksmith striking a giant, glowing hot anvil in the forest-covered mountains. I had to get to the bottom of this. What is a Shibe Mint and how does it all work?

Mr. Pepperoni was kind enough to take time from the furnace and  answer a few questions:Blacksmiths Craft New Armour For Vatican Swiss Guard

Dogedoor: When did you first hear about Dogecoin?

Tony Pepperoni:   In December, over the holidays, I decided to spend a few weeks learning everything that I could about cryptocurrency.  I started mining, trading, investing, and discovered dogecoin and have been hooked ever since.


DD: What got you interested in making coins?

TP:  I’ve always been a fan of coins. I remember going to coin shows with my father when I was young, and there is something about holding a piece of history in your hand that I love about coins. The Shibe Mint was really just combining two hobbies that I like – coins, and digital currency.  I knew that there was a market for physical bitcoins, and that people are passionate about dogecoin, so thought that it might work out – it has exceeded all of my expectations.


DD: What’s your profession, normally?

TP: I work for a technology company, and have a background in engineering and business.


DD: Where is this fabled “Shibe Mint?”

TP: Our coins are manufactured in the USA, but our main office is in Canada, in Waterloo, Ontario.


DDWhy should someone buy a Shibe Mint Coin?

TP:  Quite simply: because you love Dogecoin. I carry a coin on me at all times, and use it as a prop, a conversation starter, when evangelizing about Dogecoin.   When we released the first coin, and every subsequent release, it needs to pass the test of – if I wasn’t associated with the Shibe Mint… would I want to buy this?  I wouldn’t feel right releasing something that didn’t pass that test.GoldShibeSide1


DD: Will the coins be worth more in the future?

TP:  It’s interesting “creating a collectable”.  If doge continues on this track, with increased awareness and interest, the Shibe Mint will continue to create coins – and the first ones made will naturally appreciate in value.  Many people who have one would likely not sell theirs right now.


DD: Is there thoughts of a solid gold coin in the future?

TP: We are in the development phase with a solid gold coin.It would have to be a smaller coin.  To be completely honest, an ounce of gold is quite expensive, and even making 100 coins of 1oz is a significant upfront material cost. The trick for that one is going to be how many to make, even of the smaller coin.


Thank you Tony for sitting down with us and sharing.

If you haven’t ordered your coin yet, I highly recommend it. There’s just something about holding one of these in your hands that just feels good.  They can be purchased for a limited time at

Click here for more info on the gold coin.



Unstoppable Dogecoin is about to Sponsor it’s own Nascar Racer

RcILB7bUpdate: It’s funded!  It Raced!!   

Josh Wise Interview

Amazing Sprint Cup Voting Video

Race Highlights

Car Wrapping video!

Look, I have to admit when the community began pushing towards it’s next mission I was a little skeptical.


After blowing through goal after goal of charitable cause, I thought it might be too soon to jump on another project.

However, the Dogecoin community would hear none of this. User /u/Goodshibe posted a great daily on the subject, which shows how the spirit of Dogecoin is really fun and playful, and how not everything has to be a charity or serious. We need to also play, and do goofy things. After all, we’re supposed to be this silly coin right?

We need to start actually doing silly stuff.

doge4nascar logo

And thus, Doges4Nascar is born. Many people thought “giving fatigue” was going to slow this down this drive but once again, Dogecoin proves it has deep and generous pockets. The money will be used to sponsor Josh Wise and car #98 which has been looking for backers. He is sort of an underdoge, as you will, and doesn’t have the massive backing of his counterparts.  He sure doesn’t drive like an underdog. With this money, Dogecoin will actually wrap the car in a design made by one of the community members for the popular Talladega race.

Can you imagine what the announcers are going to say?

As of this writing, the goal is nearing completion, at 60,048,333 of Ð67,500,000 funded.  Virtual currency entrepreneur and creator of Moolah.Io, Alex Green mistakenly added an extra zero and donated 20 million Dogecoin by mistake. Whoops! Sorry, no reverse transactions, Sir!  In an act of pure Dogecoin goodness he stood by his mistake and even challenged someone to match him at 10%, offering up a “hot pass” to the race. It seems unofficially someone may have done just this, as a major chunk of the goal evaporated and was funded just hours after that post. Keep in mind- We have about 70 days left to the “deadline” for this goal.

LoL. Sorry, I had to. It’s amazing and funny what this community can do.VRpkdes

Even as people mock and deny our very existence, we ignore and press on. Tipping people as we ride by on our moonrocket, created by the hard work of thousands of shibes, building an amazing infrastructure and community- it appears Dogecoin is rather unstoppable.

The only question now is, what’s next for this phenomenon?

Update : See AMA here

Vote for Josh Video

Fox News Interview with Josh Wise here!

Fox News Story about Race

Community voted design 

Race Highlights

Car Wrapping video!



Most Expensive Tweet Ever? Someone Just Donated $11,000 to Dogecoin Community Charity


Update: KTV News Story Below

Those familiar with the Dogecoin community already know it’s uncanny ability to fund charities accomplishing donation goals in record time.

Seizure-Assistance-Dog2I guess sending the Jamaican Bobsled team to the Olympics by helping fund a major portion of their goal wasn’t enough. A week later, a charity pairing service dogs for autistic children, Doges4kids was funded so quickly people complained that they had gone to bed planning to donate in the morning, only to wake up finding the charity fully funded. How’s that for first world problems?


First Doge probs

Dogecoin foundation community member Eric Nakawaga came up with the idea for the community’s next charity focus, Doge4Water.  It’s goal is providing fresh water for those in need in Kenya, Africa by digging wells to help alleviate a treacherous daily walk for the local’s life-giving water.

Would this be Dogecoin’s ultimate charity challenge?doge4water-shibe

It’s goal, 40 million Doge, is a big number. It’s actually in the neighborhood of $33,000.  That’s a lot of cash. People began to worry if we might be exhausting the philanthropic members and ability of the community. That’s a very valid concern, we are only human, we can only give so much money before literally running out! Who could expect us to continually break goal after goal? People began to suggest that we might reset our goal and move to the next charity.  Perhaps instead of two wells, we could maybe build one well- a great accomplishment, and still a beautiful gesture.

Then something amazing happened.

Enter a  mysterious user known as “Hood” who began announcing his plan, tweeting:

I’ve been watching the dogecoin community. They have pure intentions. I will extend a hand out to help.

The greedy will feed you. I will take what they will not give.

It is astonishing that we have fellow humans on this planet without water. We have the wealth, but not the will. The greedy do nothing….

He then gave approximately $11,000 worth of Dogecoin to Doges4water in the form of a single tweet.

In that single message, he topped off the remaining money needed to fulfill the 40 million Dogecoin goal.

This might be the “most expensive tweet” ever sent.

Again, Dogecoin shows its true colors as a power for micro and macro donations- where a community of those that have, find joy and ease in helping those that have not.

It’s important to remember it wasn’t just Hood who donated. Countless people from all walks of life also helped contribute:  the high school student with only a few hundred Dogecoin, the investor with thousands giving back to the community, or just the every day person, touched by the spirit of giving and the joy of helping others.

All of these people came together with a single goal in mind- to give people the simple gift of fresh water- something that astonishingly doesn’t exist for some in this world.

We have reached a new era. We are moving beyond the simple “upvote” or “like” of an internet post or comment. No longer are we virtual spectators while the world unfolds before us. We now can put our money where our mouth is. Our “likes” now have the power of currency behind them. We are empowered to “like” a charity into being fully funded. We can now down-vote diseases, up-vote heroes in the community, and “like” what is good with the world while ctually contributing instead of  merely spectating. Instead of an essentially meaningless virtual “thumbs up“, we now wield the power to express our will with electronic money. Putting it where our mouth, our feelings- and our heart, are.


 Updated News Story from Kenyan News:

Why can’t the rest of the world be as cool as the Brits on Crypto?

english vat coins

Well, they’ve done it.

In one simple stroke of the pen, on one fairly simple page of text, the United Kingdom has basically figured out how to adopt, tax and deal with cryptocurrencies.

It was just that easy.

The text of the brief is posted here,  basically outlining what the UK is going to do as far as taxes with the exploding businesses and business surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. One part reads:

However, in all instances, VAT will be due in the normal way from suppliers of any goods or services sold in exchange for Bitcoin or other similar cryptocurrency. The value of the supply of goods or services on which VAT is due will be the sterling value of the cryptocurrency at the point the transaction takes place

The solution is pretty much a “duh” for all of us that have already figured that one out. Essentially it’s saying:  “At the time of the transaction, figure out what it’s the currency is worth against the Pound, and then charge that for taxes.”   Pretty simple?  Can you send that draft over to the ‘States now?


This has been one of the often cited critiques of cryptocurrency – the perceived volatility of the market.  This may be temporary, as a particular currency finds its market bittag3value and then stabilizes, but let’s say that doesn’t happen and they remain volatile- the solutions for businesses and governments are pretty simple.  I’ve already seen vendors who offer a “10 minute snapshot” of market prices in your checkout basket.  There’s also the guy who invented cloud based price tags or “Bit tags”. Now that’s a great idea, although probably cost prohibitive for smaller purchases.

Most crypto-enthusiasts want to see their currencies completely de-coupled with Fiat currency, but I don’t think that’s realistic quite yet.  Until then we have market snapshots and locally-based market conversions so that everyone can agree what the “price is”.

wIbI1DVNothing is stopping you from trading your Doge, or other alt currency directly for goods and services! In fact, you should!  For the newcomers, and later adopters of crypto currency, we need a safe way to make sure they understand the “value” of their purchases. Right now this is going to be related directly with their “normal” currencies.

Hopefully, the future holds a world where this isn’t necessarily the case, and Crypto currency finds its own, unique value and price.

You know what they say, “1 Ðoge =  1 Ðoge”  (clearly posted on the Price of Doge)

If Cryptocurrency is Dead Then So Am I


better rich shibeThe sky is not falling, Chicken Littles. We exist in a post-Mt. Gox world and today the sun rose and all the cryptocurrencies are erasing losses as we speak. However, the amount of mis-information in the mainstream media is enough to send even the strongest of Shibes running for cover.

Worry not, Doges. Cryptocurrency is not dead. Far from it.

If Crypto is so “dead”, then why did they just install a new ATM that accepts Bitcoin in Texas? What about the one in New Mexico?

I hear Dogecoin is so “dead” that CNN reports today a man is selling a house for Dogecoins.

Here’s an interesting site that shows thousands of dollars of “dead” cryptocurrency flying into the world marketplace every few seconds. Zombie money!

GoodShibe’s daily blog lists in ONE DAY a list of  accomplishments and adoptions in the Dogecoin community.  Another list shows 100 significant accomplishments in a currency that is less than 90 days old. These include Point of Sale Systems, Brick and Mortar businesses accepting crypto, and a host of other businesses saying “YES!” and not “no” to crypto.

calif flag bear doge

In California, the Legislature just re-evaluated crypto and made it LEGAL, where before because of archaic laws,  it technically wasn’t  legal before. Quick! someone tell them they are moving backwards because “Crypto is dead.”

Where California got it right, West Virginia gets it wrong:

Here’s the distinguished gentleshibe Senator from West Virgina that says we need to regulate and “act quickly” before “this dangerous currency” harms “hard-working Americans.” I wonder if he knows about all the fuss on Wall St. and the Banking and Mortgage scandals? I bet those are all cleared up now so we can move on to Crypto, jaywalking and pet-leash laws.

Instead of attacking a solution to banking issues, how about fixing the banking issues that already exist, or at least punishing the people who already ripped us off.

When the media isn’t incorrectly reporting Mark Karpeles as the “CEO of Bitcoin“, or getting the story exactly wrong about laws,  it’s telling us Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets are “on the way out“, when just the opposite is true.  I’m getting a little tired of this blatant misinformation. I woke up today and all the markets were right back up to where they were before. So much for a “crash”. That was what – a half a day of market turn down?  How long did it take the U.S. stock market to rebound? Years?

Go ahead, try and “ban” crypto like the publicist who tried to “remove” Beyonce pictures off the Internet.  Banning crypto would only make it go underground and really turn into the currency of money launderers, making it even more valuable than it already is.

Crypto is not going anywhere, it is certainly not dead, and is in fact rising exponentially in both popularity and value.

People called the Internet a fad back in the 90’s. I wonder what they say about it now?  Cryptocurrency is this decade’s next technological innovation, Even Bill Gates see’s that – and he’s the guy who brought us Windows ME ™.

Help spread the real story and destroy the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt to your friends, family, and co-workers .  There’s still  a lot of work to be done helping educate and calm peoples nerves after debacles like the one we just endured.

Remember one poorly managed exchange is not the whole industry. Remind people of that. Remind yourselves of that. Developers, store owners, bloggers- keep doing what you are doing.

Lazy, unresearched, Journalists and Politicans? You can stop any time.tumblr_l44o7qkZ4J1qa1z20o1_500







Buying and Selling Dogecoin in Today’s Modern World

Ec4aHMR - ImgurOne of the first questions that come up in a new Shibe’s life after they get their paws on a wallet, is “How do I get Dogecoin?”   After the reality of faucets as a get-rich-quick scheme crumbles, a Shibe often asks where to exchange their Fiat (regular) currency for shiny new Dogecoins!

There are a couple of options, but the best answer to this question, in my opinion, is using an Exchange.

Dogecoin exchanges are safe, secure, and also happen to be the cheapest way to buy new Dogecoin.  A lot of Shibes are taken aback however, when those exchanges ask for personal information.  A person delving into the world of digital currency is understandably concerned with privacy, but one should look at these exchanges as more of a bank. You don’t mind giving your address, showing ID, or providing other personal information when you use a bank do you?  Using a trusted exchange is like a bank. They have no choice but to conform to money laundering laws designed to protect against bad guys. To deposit fiat money into them, you will have to prove who you are. There’s no way around that. Without verifying your identity, you can’t use exchanges to trade Fiat money into Dogecoin.

There are, however, some exchanges that deal solely in digital currencies, like Coinspot. That way, if you already have some Bitcoins, or any of the other “alt” coins, you can buy Dogecoins without needing anything more than an email address.

I have also included the site Coinbase as an exchange, although it only allows you to buy Bitcoins. I did this because a lot of Shibes (including myself) used this method to purchase Dogecoin. The idea is that you buy Bitcoins with USD on Coinbase, and then transfer those Bitcoins to another exchange like Coinspot to buy Dogecoins.

The following list shows the current established Dogecoin exchanges. I’ve included various factors to help you choose which one is the right exchange for you. Keep in mind you may want to pick an exchange from your country of residence. There are particular tax rules regarding foreign held assets (at least in the U.S.) that can come along with significant penalties if you don’t follow the rules.


Also, a disclaimer: Where applicable I have included referral links to exchanges I use. The worst possibility you face from using one of these links, is saving yourself 10% on trades for six months, or in the case of Coinbase,  receiving a $5 worth of Bitcoins when you sign up and exchange $100 or more.


The first USD-> Doge Currency exchange0% sell 2% buy w/escrowUSAUSD, Doge->FIATBank or Credit Union Account

A Hong-Kong based mult-crypto exchangefree for crypto; fiat is fee + 1% of withdrawHong Kong
AUD, CAD, EUR, CHF, GBP, HKD, JPY, NZD, SGD, USD HKD or AUD Bank account or International wire transfer

Chinese-based multi-crypto exchange0.20%CHINACryptoEmail

Crypto Exchange and Merchant services (USD to BTC no DOGE)1% from BTC to USDUSAUSDU.S. Bank Account

Now Supporting Dogecoin for our European Shibes% of trades current volumeEUROPEEUR(Multi-tiered) Personal Identity info, Bank account, Proof of Residency, Social Security Number, UBO/AML, Articles of incorporation for large trades.

Swiss based Crypto Exchange0.15% buy 0.2% sell 0.1% withdrawSwitzerlandCryptoEmail

Multi-currency exchange One of the oldest, very selective with their alts 17 altswithdraw XDG= 5 Doge BTC= .002RUSSIACrypto (USD, EUR, soon™)Email, (Fiat Deposits coming soon)

A fast, secure exchange where you can trade Bitcoins for a variety of promising cryptocurrencies.2%USACryptoEmail

A security- focused Exchange based in the United StatesPer Individual CurrencyUSACryptoEmail

U.S.-based multi-crypto exchange with attention to security and unique featuresMaker/Taker Structure (.25%)USACrypto, USDEmail, Photo/Address for higher tiers

Australian based exchange with AUD -> Crypto direct purchasing and Escrow Services.8% Buy .3% Sell in Aud Markets

.01 Buy .01 Sell in BTC Markets
AustraliaCrypto, AUDEmail

Exchange from Denmark, part of EU. Anonymous trading of 85+ Crypto pairs(multiple Doge), 75+ Fiat pairs w/validation.

.2%DenmarkCrypto, EUR, USD, GBP, DKK, SEK, NOK, CHF, RUR, UAHE-mail, 2FA, ID/Validation for Fiat, Swift Wire transfer, SEPA, Payeer or Skrill Direct(instant transfer).

EDIT: Additions current of 2017 :

Anycoin Direct













Alternate Methods

Some Shibes may be unable or adamant about not giving out personal data. That’s understandable and fine!  There’s other ways to purchase Dogecoin. However, be warned, you will pay a premium for your anonymity.   The following purchase methods have been tested and are reasonably secure. They either rely on escrow services or are completely automated. Other than paying a little more, there should be no fear in purchasing from these entities.

Please note! There may be forthcoming issues with using Google Wallet. Please read this post and decide for yourself. More information: Here and Here.


Suchtrade Bot
A reddit bot to purchase Dogecoin with

Market based QuoteUSA Google Wallet (USD)
Google Wallet

Purchase Doge in your area User Negotiated Worldwide Paypal / Bank Account / Google WalletPayPal, Google Wallet, Escrow services

Fast simple and reliable Dogecoin purchasesMarket based QuoteWorldwideCredit Card and Debit CardsCredit Cards / Debit Cards
Simple account verification

Your own Dogecoin TraderMarket based QuoteWorldwidePaypalPaypal, Email, ID for higher amounts

Celery is an online wallet and exchange for digital currency. 1% buy/selling brc, ltc & dogecoin using bank account.
10% fee for credit card or debit card
USAUSD US Bank or Debit CardBank account for USD
Email for Crypto


 Open Markets

The final way to purchase Doge is on the open markets. These are simply various forum groups where people trade person to person. Moderators in these forums have developed a flair system and blacklists in an attempt to minimize scammers and ripoffs . Be very careful here. Follow ALL the rules very carefully and double check all references and flair. Do not allow yourself to be bullied into changing the rules or straying from the order set by the forum. A good idea is to split up the transaction into multiple sends. Scammers have little patience for this, so if a person agrees they are probably a legitimate trader. Again be careful!  If you are going to be scammed, this is where it is going to happen. I do not personally recommend using the markets if you are new to Dogecoin. That being said, it’s a quick, fast way to get your hands on Dogecoin. Also check out Cryptocurrency Times who published a great writeup on safely using markets.

Hack Method

I almost forgot. There’s one final “hack” to get your paws on some Dogecoin. This has worked for people on the Arab peninsula and other places where identity verification is tough. It also happens to be one of the original methods for buying Bitcoins when they first came out.


Virtual Currency Exchange used to buy Linden Dollars for exchanging into BitcoinFix fee + variable percentageUSAEUR, USD, CHF, GBP , Paypal Credit Cards Ukash paysafe card Netteller Sofort BankingPaypal/ Bank Account

The idea here, is if you have a valid Paypal account, you use Virwox to buy Linden Dollars– the currency used in the virtual world, Second Life. After buying Lindens, you can trade those for Bitcoins, and then take your Bitcoins to a crypto exchange. Those are some hoops to jump through for sure, but it’s a great last resort to people having problems buying Doge elsewhere.


Here’s What I Use

So after all is said and done, someone will inevitably ask, “But which way is the best?”  The answer is too complex to be simply answered. People look for different things, and each exchange offers something unique.

All I can offer is my view and experiences. I moved over some Bitcoins from Mt. Gox into Coinbase when I first started, and also purchased some Doge using my debit card. I wanted to get into trading quickly so the BTC was transferred over to Coinspot where I bought my first Dogecoins.

Cryptsy is was the biggest exchange for Dogecoin in terms of volume. That meant more people traded there than anywhere else. If you want to buy or sell your order will would most likely be filled quickly here.  That being said, that same volume is a double-edged sword. Too many people trading during peak hours can severely lag the system. Many a Shibe who thought could quickly make a trade have been left disappointed by the peak time lag spike.

My advice is to use a preset buy order at the price you feel good about.   That way, when the market gets to that number, you are already waiting in line to buy and most likely your order will go through. You can do the same with a sell order if you have an idea of a top number you would like to sell at.

Because of my experiences at Cryptsy and some lagging trades, I made the decision to diversify my exchanges. I got an account over at Bter and Coinspot.  This way, if things go awry over at Cryptsy, a portion of my holdings at Bter will allow me to still buy and sell Doge. I like the speed and simplicity of Bter’s interface.  They are a Chinese market, so their peak times are different than Cryptsy’s which helps with a clogged trading market. There’s less volume there, but enough to trade with just fine.

I’ve played around with some of the other exchanges,  and they are all fairly similar and competent. It’s really your personal choice, what currency or geography suits you. I do recommend diversifying into at least two exchanges. For Canadians I recommend Vault of Satoshi (Edit- closed), as it’s very friendly with CAD currency.

Be Ready

The most important thing to keep in mind is BE READY. Keep some BTC in your account to buy more Dogecoin. Keep some Dogecoin on the exchange to sell. The time it takes to transfer in and out of an exchange is NOT instant. I once waited 20 hours for a withdrawal to go through on a popular exchange.  If you want to act quickly on a market fluctuation you best be ready and not have to wait on deposits.

That being said, do not use an exchange as a wallet.  Have some cash to trade with, but any coins you are holding and not actively trading should be moved to an offline wallet. There’s always a chance of an exchange getting hacked, but with today’s two-factor authentication, and a host of other security features in place, an exchange is a pretty safe place for your Doge, at least while trading.

I hope this clears up the mystery of where to buy Dogecoin, and helps to simplify and present the many choices you have in buying it.  This list will change and grow, but we will update it as things change. Feel free to bookmark the list in our Exchanges section.

Now go and buy a bunch of Dogecoin it’s so cheap!

The New York Dogeparty 2014 – Documented!

Here’s a wonderful documentary featuring the recent Dogeparty in New York.

It’s well done and expresses the vibe and ideology of Doge, but at the same time it’s very informing in regards to crypto currencies in general.

We need more professionally done media coverage like this to document our trip to the Moon! Bravo to everyone involved!

California Legislature Amends Bill to Allow Cryptocurrencies

calif flag bear doge

A lot of news organizations, Reddit posts, and Tweets are getting this wrong. I’ve seen over and over again the title  “California House Unanimously Passes Law to Make Cryptocurrency “Legal Tender”

This is a blatantly false and misleading title. “Legal Tender”  has a very specific meaning to governments, and that is not what the California legislature voted on.  Crypto-currencies are not “legal tender” in California, or anywhere, to my knowledge. That is specifically pointed out in the text of the bill where it states “..prohibit{ing} a person from being required to accept alternative currency.”


So- what did they do?, you might ask. It’s pretty simple.  They changed and clarified the law (Section 107 of the Corporations Code) so that it is not ILLEGAL to pay for goods or services with alternative currency. Yup, before this law was passed, it was essentially illegal to collect those supermarket points you’ve been hoarding.  Basically California is updating it’s archaic law to conform with the 21st century. Before this, it WAS technically illegal to accept Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or any other  alternative form of currency.

Phew, glad that was all cleared up!

This is a very historic and important ruling for California, and it may pave the way for other states, governments, and countries to welcome the inevitable future that is digital currency. Remember Russia “Banning Cryptocurrency” last week?  Go look again, it’s a very similar situation, they were merely establishing the Ruble as “legal tender”.  You can’t ban cryptocurrency! That’s like trying to erase a photo from the internets!

Here’s a link to the text of the actual bill AB-129.  It’s two pages a very easy read.

Here’s a site where they actually got the story right! via bitcoin MagazinelM05ahk

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