Unstoppable Dogecoin is about to Sponsor it’s own Nascar Racer

RcILB7bUpdate: It’s funded!  It Raced!!   

Josh Wise Interview

Amazing Sprint Cup Voting Video

Race Highlights

Car Wrapping video!

Look, I have to admit when the community began pushing towards it’s next mission I was a little skeptical.


After blowing through goal after goal of charitable cause, I thought it might be too soon to jump on another project.

However, the Dogecoin community would hear none of this. User /u/Goodshibe posted a great daily on the subject, which shows how the spirit of Dogecoin is really fun and playful, and how not everything has to be a charity or serious. We need to also play, and do goofy things. After all, we’re supposed to be this silly coin right?

We need to start actually doing silly stuff.

doge4nascar logo

And thus, Doges4Nascar is born. Many people thought “giving fatigue” was going to slow this down this drive but once again, Dogecoin proves it has deep and generous pockets. The money will be used to sponsor Josh Wise and car #98 which has been looking for backers. He is sort of an underdoge, as you will, and doesn’t have the massive backing of his counterparts.  He sure doesn’t drive like an underdog. With this money, Dogecoin will actually wrap the car in a design made by one of the community members for the popular Talladega race.

Can you imagine what the announcers are going to say?

As of this writing, the goal is nearing completion, at 60,048,333 of Ð67,500,000 funded.  Virtual currency entrepreneur and creator of Moolah.Io, Alex Green mistakenly added an extra zero and donated 20 million Dogecoin by mistake. Whoops! Sorry, no reverse transactions, Sir!  In an act of pure Dogecoin goodness he stood by his mistake and even challenged someone to match him at 10%, offering up a “hot pass” to the race. It seems unofficially someone may have done just this, as a major chunk of the goal evaporated and was funded just hours after that post. Keep in mind- We have about 70 days left to the “deadline” for this goal.

LoL. Sorry, I had to. It’s amazing and funny what this community can do.VRpkdes

Even as people mock and deny our very existence, we ignore and press on. Tipping people as we ride by on our moonrocket, created by the hard work of thousands of shibes, building an amazing infrastructure and community- it appears Dogecoin is rather unstoppable.

The only question now is, what’s next for this phenomenon?

Update : See AMA here

Vote for Josh Video

Fox News Interview with Josh Wise here!

Fox News Story about Race

Community voted design 

Race Highlights

Car Wrapping video!



The New York Dogeparty 2014 – Documented!

Here’s a wonderful documentary featuring the recent Dogeparty in New York.

It’s well done and expresses the vibe and ideology of Doge, but at the same time it’s very informing in regards to crypto currencies in general.

We need more professionally done media coverage like this to document our trip to the Moon! Bravo to everyone involved!

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Our obsession with Dogecoin made us create this portal site.

That was not enough.

We wanted to give you the shirts off our backs. Some of them are pretty cool!

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Stay Warm Shibes



It seems a hunk of the US is getting pummeled yet again with bad winter weather. Yet here on the West Coast we’ve had the warmest winter. Such weather, so confuse.

So I thought a cute video of Kabosu, our patron Shibe! struggling in the snow recently might be nice. Let her cuteness, her struggle and her ultimate domination motivate and keep you warm. Training for the moon!

I’m so sure it will work, here’s another video to grow the Shibe fire. Kabosu playing in the snow. Such cute!

Kabosu’s (and her kitty friends!) blog is here (in Japanese mostly but scattered English. Of course cute animals are international!). They also have a Dogecoin wallet of course!

Kabosu donate

Show Kabosu some Dogecoin love.

Shibes take over Wall Street at the First Dogeparty

Dogecoin takes over Wall Street bullWe are only sad that we, Admin Shibe and AlphaDoge, are West Coast based and could not attend.  It looks like it was a grand Doge time!

Friday night February 7th in New York City the first Dogeparty was held with the quite appropriate theme “Dogs in Space.”  Shibes of all ages and types (including real live doges!) gathered at the Bitcoin Center. There were costumes, refreshements, vendors, giveaways, contests and auctions for awesome doge-related goods. And in true Shibe style they “made it rain,” throwing out paper wallets with Dogecoin into the crowd.

To close out the event,  they marched to Wall Street’s infamous bull statue where they temporarily transformed the iconic landmark into a doge!

Check out the full story with loads of pics on Vice

Video Hype Contest Winner is Ð is for Ðogecoin

Congrats to ZimoNitrome for his awesome video.

Very hype, much Shibe, so moon!

Taiwanese Animators cover Dogecoin

Such animation! So 3D! Very Shibe! Wow!

You know you’ve made it when the Taiwanese Animators decide to create a video.  And they seem to get it: they are offering youtube commentors 100 Doge tips!

The Meaning and Power of Dogecoin

I believe the main point of Dogecoin, and the real power it has is this:G943ObL.jpg

DOoS‘ing Charities.

No, read that again, I didn’t say DDoS-  I said DOOS!

Distributed Outpouring Of Support.

We have already seen with the micro-transaction power of Dogecoins, how easy and effortless it is for an individual to donate, and multiplied by a large community we now hold a tool to laser-focus problems in the world and DOOS them into oblivion.

I think it will be the Dogecoin legacy that this crypto has made it so fantastically easy and satisfying to donate to a cause. The snowball effect and force-multiplying aspects of the Internet and communities like this create an altruistic flashmob mentality that focuses on good.

Of course you already know this. You have seen it if you have been here for a few days. Let’s cherish these early moments, and remember where we came from, and be mindful of where we should and could go. I’m humbled to be able to participate in this community. I tip my hat to all of you that help make this what it is.

This is more than a currency, this is more than a speculative investment, it’s more than just charity work. It’s a spirit, and idea, a vibe, and a way of being- but I didn’t have to tell you that. I think you know already!

After writing this I immediately stumbled upon an article from Pacific Standard. It talks about a new research paper where researchers show how giving away money actually creates happiness!

Who would have known… Alpha Doge


Dogecoin: A History by Twitter

timeThis video is great, a really cool look at the history of Dogecoin as seen through tweets. So little time, yet so much history. It’s pretty amazing!

Everything you always wanted to know about the Doge Meme

If you are like me, you might not have jumped head-first into the original Shibe Doge meme when it first came out. Some meme’s take an aquired taste to develop. If you are one of those people, you may find yourself missing out on some of the inside jokes, or oblivious to some of the past history that made this such a popular phenomenon.

No fear young Shibes! Buzzfeed has provided us with the ultimate guide to the everything you wanted to know about Doge but were afraid to ask!