Replace your entire Family’s wardrobe with Dogecoin gear!

Our obsession with Dogecoin made us create this portal site.

That was not enough.

We wanted to give you the shirts off our backs. Some of them are pretty cool!

Got A newborn shibe pup?     No problem!    Stick him in our “New kid on the blockchain” baby-wear!
Got A newborn shibe pup?     No problem!    Get that little dog-e in his very own
Dogecoin  pet-wear!
Got a wallet low on funds?     No Problem!     With our customized QR code gear, you can put your OWN wallet address on all sorts of cool stuff!  Now you can beg in style!

Wait- that’s not enough.

What is this dollar you speak of?


I want to pay in Dogecoins you say?

No problem!

Until we can get set up properly with our merchant services we will handle Dogecoin transactions by private message, or you can fill out a form below  We will quote you a Dogecoin price based on current market value and handle the transaction as if no silly Fiat money were ever even involved!

Warning! –  This is just the beginning. Even more product is flowing towards the store as we speak. Soon the amazing choices will overwhelm you.

Help to grow and promote the Dogecoin community! Clothe your family! Keep your Shibes warm, or at least – fashionable!  Howl to the world your true Shibe colors!

Visit the DogeDoor store here, and check back often!

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions below.  See something missing? Let us know! We’ll get right on it.


The Weekend Mega News Update

Hello Wonderful Shibes!

AdminShibe and I have been busy working behind the scenes on an exciting new project we will announce later today. The problem is, we’ve neglected the blog a bit.

To remedy this, I’m going to post a cornucopia of news from this week. A lot has happened in the world of Doge. So let’s get to it!


dogfilmDogecoin get’s major attention on ABC news in Australia!



International Business times mentions Dogecoin’s rise to the moon



riche shibe vault

The first bitcoin based bank? This can only be a good thing!





eminem_smallThe Facebook Tipping app is here!




PC Magazine talks about how  Doge and fighter jets got the Jamaican Bobsled Team to the Olympics



ORIGINAL mad doge shiba (Mobile)A linguist’s take on Doge.





Oh yeah, and something called the Halvening happened whatever that is…vMS7jfv_sm

Stay Warm Shibes



It seems a hunk of the US is getting pummeled yet again with bad winter weather. Yet here on the West Coast we’ve had the warmest winter. Such weather, so confuse.

So I thought a cute video of Kabosu, our patron Shibe! struggling in the snow recently might be nice. Let her cuteness, her struggle and her ultimate domination motivate and keep you warm. Training for the moon!

I’m so sure it will work, here’s another video to grow the Shibe fire. Kabosu playing in the snow. Such cute!

Kabosu’s (and her kitty friends!) blog is here (in Japanese mostly but scattered English. Of course cute animals are international!). They also have a Dogecoin wallet of course!

Kabosu donate

Show Kabosu some Dogecoin love.

Dogecoin surpases Peercoin as #3 Crypto Currency in Market Capital

Dogecoin rocketWell it looks like Dogecoin just surpassed Peercoin in market cap with over $93,000,000 to become the #3 mineable cryptocurrency.  For a two-month old altcoin that is absolutely incredible. The snowball of support from the community has driven the price to an all time high today which is currently sitting on .0019$  or 290 Satoshi’s. With the halvening coming up in a day it’s hard to say what will happen to Dogecoin. All we know is it probably involves rockets, the moon, and a chart that goes up and to the right!


The Halvening- it’s almost here!

vMS7jfv_smPart One

The rewards for mining Dogecoin are about to be cut in half.

One thing a lot of people might not know is that this IS NOT happening on the 14th, as a lot of posts have stated.  User Alami points out that the original estimate is a bit off and it will actually occur on the night of the 13th.

So it’s happening on the 13th, now what?  Keep mining! Mine harder! Mine twice as fast!

Still a little confused? Of Wolves and Weasels has a great explanation of what the Halvening is, and what it means.

You can monitor the actual official countdown on the blockchain, (which is currently down).



Cryptsy Working on Fixes for Dogecoin Transactions

dogecoin businessShibes just love to trade, tip, buy, and move their Dogecoin around, and it’s that constant activity that seems to be the root of the recent slow downs with Cryptsy reported by Dogecoin users lately, especially during times of high volume.

Digital Currency Magnates points us towards a blog post by Cryptsy where they explain the troubles and respond with a solution:  a new hot wallet, which being new, should be fast. They are also asking Shibes to maximize their deposit amounts, as dust transactions (very small) ones clutter the wallet and make it slower. Get more info at the Cryptsy blog


New Copper Minted Dogecoin Available

Shibe Mint copper DogecoinMuch copper So coin Wow!

Now you have have your own real physical Dogecoin. Shibe Mint has opened their virtual doors with their introductory minting of real copper Dogecoin, for only $10 plus introductory free worldwide shipping – quite a deal. And of course you can pay in Doge, BTC or Paypal.

The creator of Shibe Mint answers questions in his post on the Dogecoin Subreddit, and it sounds like they will expand to other metals like silver in the future.

Get your own copper Dogecoin or find more info in the thread on the Dogecoin Subreddit.

Shibes take over Wall Street at the First Dogeparty

Dogecoin takes over Wall Street bullWe are only sad that we, Admin Shibe and AlphaDoge, are West Coast based and could not attend.  It looks like it was a grand Doge time!

Friday night February 7th in New York City the first Dogeparty was held with the quite appropriate theme “Dogs in Space.”  Shibes of all ages and types (including real live doges!) gathered at the Bitcoin Center. There were costumes, refreshements, vendors, giveaways, contests and auctions for awesome doge-related goods. And in true Shibe style they “made it rain,” throwing out paper wallets with Dogecoin into the crowd.

To close out the event,  they marched to Wall Street’s infamous bull statue where they temporarily transformed the iconic landmark into a doge!

Check out the full story with loads of pics on Vice

Video Hype Contest Winner is Ð is for Ðogecoin

Congrats to ZimoNitrome for his awesome video.

Very hype, much Shibe, so moon!

Taiwanese Animators cover Dogecoin

Such animation! So 3D! Very Shibe! Wow!

You know you’ve made it when the Taiwanese Animators decide to create a video.  And they seem to get it: they are offering youtube commentors 100 Doge tips!

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