The Meaning and Power of Dogecoin

I believe the main point of Dogecoin, and the real power it has is this:G943ObL.jpg

DOoS‘ing Charities.

No, read that again, I didn’t say DDoS-  I said DOOS!

Distributed Outpouring Of Support.

We have already seen with the micro-transaction power of Dogecoins, how easy and effortless it is for an individual to donate, and multiplied by a large community we now hold a tool to laser-focus problems in the world and DOOS them into oblivion.

I think it will be the Dogecoin legacy that this crypto has made it so fantastically easy and satisfying to donate to a cause. The snowball effect and force-multiplying aspects of the Internet and communities like this create an altruistic flashmob mentality that focuses on good.

Of course you already know this. You have seen it if you have been here for a few days. Let’s cherish these early moments, and remember where we came from, and be mindful of where we should and could go. I’m humbled to be able to participate in this community. I tip my hat to all of you that help make this what it is.

This is more than a currency, this is more than a speculative investment, it’s more than just charity work. It’s a spirit, and idea, a vibe, and a way of being- but I didn’t have to tell you that. I think you know already!

After writing this I immediately stumbled upon an article from Pacific Standard. It talks about a new research paper where researchers show how giving away money actually creates happiness!

Who would have known… Alpha Doge


Vote before Friday for the Best Dogecoin related Promo video

dogfilmWe’re trying to bark loud and get the word out to all Shibes about the community, but to do that we need a great keynote video.

A user over at Reddit is hosting a contest/voting thread to find that video. Head over there before Friday the 7th @ 8pm EST (U.S.) to vote on which video should be the Alpha Doge!

Over 75 Videos. Such Glory. Much Hype. OFFICIAL Dogecoin Hype Video Voting Thread! (Closes Friday the 7th @ 8pm EST)

Doge4Kids – A New Charitable Cause

Seizure-Assistance-Dog2It’s about  time for a new charity cause, don’t you think?  Well, looks like we have one Shibes!

A massive amount of Dogecoin is flowing towards this noble charity, Doges4Kids.  Someone even donated 5 Million Doge!

They provide well-trained service animals to kids with special needs, via 4 Paws for ability.

Dogs for Doges? Sounds like a perfect match!

Well, it seems like Dogecoin has made the news because of this. Big-time tech blog The Verge picked it up! Head over to the article and check it out!

Times of India shouts out to Dogecoin donators!

shiva-keshavanOur community’s second Olympic hopeful, luger Shiva Keshavan, has an article in the Times of India today which specifically mentions members of the Dogecoin community! xYfEC3T

Way to go guys, and good luck to Shiva on his way to the moon ride down the mountain!



Show off your Mining Rig Horror Stories!

laptopfire_2_300Did you melt your workbench?

Set your cat on fire?

Burn down your Dogehouse?

We want to see!  Post a picture of your mining rig, and an explanation of what happened. Share those juicy details so that other Shibes may learn from your misfortune.

I want to build a gallery section featuring all the glorius pictures of mining rigs no more. May they rest in peace as they live on to show others how not to mine.

Leave a comment here, and try and include a link to the photos.  Eventually, we will feature an entire section on Rigs gone Wrong.

The Computer that “Belched Fire”

The Flaky Rig

Power problem Story

Litecoin Rig caught on fire

Motherboard Fire Story

PSU- “It really went down with a loud bang “



Dogecoin will not be capped at 100 Billion

shibe in moneypool

News regarding the specifics of the Dogecoin currency were released today.

Creators have said that after all the Dogecoins are mined in about a year, there will still be a 10,000 coin reward per block to remain indefinitely.

This move pleases some and enrages others, head over to the Reddit thread to follow the discussion, or go to the original GitHub thread on the matter.

Arts Technica also had something to say on the matter.



Dogecoin: A History by Twitter

timeThis video is great, a really cool look at the history of Dogecoin as seen through tweets. So little time, yet so much history. It’s pretty amazing!

Everything you always wanted to know about the Doge Meme

If you are like me, you might not have jumped head-first into the original Shibe Doge meme when it first came out. Some meme’s take an aquired taste to develop. If you are one of those people, you may find yourself missing out on some of the inside jokes, or oblivious to some of the past history that made this such a popular phenomenon.

No fear young Shibes! Buzzfeed has provided us with the ultimate guide to the everything you wanted to know about Doge but were afraid to ask!

Mashable reports: Dogecoin one step closer to real currency

7ByyKVX - Imgur
It’s not like anyone had to tell the Dogecoin community, but Mashable just published an article highlighting Fiat->Crypto currency exchanges and point out that the few last obstacles to public adoption are falling. It is now even easier to get into the Dogecoin game.
Read about it over at!

Dogecoin in the news- Al Jazeera

Ec4aHMR - Imgur
Dogecoin just keeps picking up major headlines.

Now an article in Al Jazeera  about Cryptocurrencies, furthers the spread of Dogecoin across the world.

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