Everything you always wanted to know about the Doge Meme

If you are like me, you might not have jumped head-first into the original Shibe Doge meme when it first came out. Some meme’s take an aquired taste to develop. If you are one of those people, you may find yourself missing out on some of the inside jokes, or oblivious to some of the past history that made this such a popular phenomenon.

No fear young Shibes! Buzzfeed has provided us with the ultimate guide to the everything you wanted to know about Doge but were afraid to ask!

Mashable reports: Dogecoin one step closer to real currency

7ByyKVX - Imgur
It’s not like anyone had to tell the Dogecoin community, but Mashable just published an article highlighting Fiat->Crypto currency exchanges and point out that the few last obstacles to public adoption are falling. It is now even easier to get into the Dogecoin game.
Read about it over at!

Dogecoin in the news- Al Jazeera

Ec4aHMR - Imgur
Dogecoin just keeps picking up major headlines.

Now an article in Al Jazeera  about Cryptocurrencies, furthers the spread of Dogecoin across the world.

UK News reports Dogecoin’s climb to the top the value charts


By the time you read this, the information here will probably be wrong.  It seems like it takes but a day for Dogecoin to exceed the market value of it’s other Crypto currency peers.  This article from the UK points out that Dogecoin has become the fifth most valuable crpto currency in the world! Much Wow!

Dogecoin community takes over India’s Olympic Program


As if sending one group of Olympic hopefuls to Sochi wasn’t enough, the Dogecoin community quickly found another cause to get behind.  After the Indian Olympic Commision was suspended because of corruption, athletes in India have found themselves hard pressed for cash to allow them to even attend the Sochi games this year.

No worries! The Dogecoin community raised more than 4 million Dogecoins in a few hours to help the Indian  athletes with their dream. The outpouring of donations happened so fast, some complained that they were unable to donate because the goal was reached and closed so fast!

Check out the story via Digital Trends here.


Dogecoin Community Sends Jamaican Bobsled team to the Olympics!

bobsled flag

What makes the Dogecoin community stand out? Of course, it’s the amazing outpouring of charity.

Our little coin has just started and yet it’s making big waves in the world.  The first major impact our community made was in the form of a $30,000 donation to the Jamaican bobsled team.  This single event created a lot of awareness for the currency, as well as helping some hardworking athletes live their dream and return their country to the Olympics in 2014.

Catch the article over at Digital Trends.

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