Dogecoin steals from the Rich and gives to the poor?

You know you’re a good doge when Robin Hood himself picks you over other coins.

That’s right, a new place to buy dogecoin and a possible competitor to Coinbase called Robinhood will be allowing free Bitcoin and Etherium purchases with fiat, and will trade Dogecoin out of 16 coins that it is listing. This could open up a whole new market and demographic to the crypto space, lending credibility to the investment and currency trading world!

They are also using a brilliant marketing technique. Using a referral code to sign up, gives each person a free real-world Wall St. stock.  This could be APPL or something cheaper. It’s random, but at the least you will get one worth $5, but  perhaps one worth $150- all for no cost to you.  It’s worth the free foray into the stock just for that! If you need a referral code, feel free to use this one.

So thoughts. Very share.