If Cryptocurrency is Dead Then So Am I


better rich shibeThe sky is not falling, Chicken Littles. We exist in a post-Mt. Gox world and today the sun rose and all the cryptocurrencies are erasing losses as we speak. However, the amount of mis-information in the mainstream media is enough to send even the strongest of Shibes running for cover.

Worry not, Doges. Cryptocurrency is not dead. Far from it.

If Crypto is so “dead”, then why did they just install a new ATM that accepts Bitcoin in Texas? What about the one in New Mexico?

I hear Dogecoin is so “dead” that CNN reports today a man is selling a house for Dogecoins.

Here’s an interesting site that shows thousands of dollars of “dead” cryptocurrency flying into the world marketplace every few seconds. Zombie money!

GoodShibe’s daily blog lists in ONE DAY a list of  accomplishments and adoptions in the Dogecoin community.  Another list shows 100 significant accomplishments in a currency that is less than 90 days old. These include Point of Sale Systems, Brick and Mortar businesses accepting crypto, and a host of other businesses saying “YES!” and not “no” to crypto.

calif flag bear doge

In California, the Legislature just re-evaluated crypto and made it LEGAL, where before because of archaic laws,  it technically wasn’t  legal before. Quick! someone tell them they are moving backwards because “Crypto is dead.”

Where California got it right, West Virginia gets it wrong:

Here’s the distinguished gentleshibe Senator from West Virgina that says we need to regulate and “act quickly” before “this dangerous currency” harms “hard-working Americans.” I wonder if he knows about all the fuss on Wall St. and the Banking and Mortgage scandals? I bet those are all cleared up now so we can move on to Crypto, jaywalking and pet-leash laws.

Instead of attacking a solution to banking issues, how about fixing the banking issues that already exist, or at least punishing the people who already ripped us off.

When the media isn’t incorrectly reporting Mark Karpeles as the “CEO of Bitcoin“, or getting the story exactly wrong about laws,  it’s telling us Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets are “on the way out“, when just the opposite is true.  I’m getting a little tired of this blatant misinformation. I woke up today and all the markets were right back up to where they were before. So much for a “crash”. That was what – a half a day of market turn down?  How long did it take the U.S. stock market to rebound? Years?

Go ahead, try and “ban” crypto like the publicist who tried to “remove” Beyonce pictures off the Internet.  Banning crypto would only make it go underground and really turn into the currency of money launderers, making it even more valuable than it already is.

Crypto is not going anywhere, it is certainly not dead, and is in fact rising exponentially in both popularity and value.

People called the Internet a fad back in the 90’s. I wonder what they say about it now?  Cryptocurrency is this decade’s next technological innovation, Even Bill Gates see’s that – and he’s the guy who brought us Windows ME ™.

Help spread the real story and destroy the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt to your friends, family, and co-workers .  There’s still  a lot of work to be done helping educate and calm peoples nerves after debacles like the one we just endured.

Remember one poorly managed exchange is not the whole industry. Remind people of that. Remind yourselves of that. Developers, store owners, bloggers- keep doing what you are doing.

Lazy, unresearched, Journalists and Politicans? You can stop any time.tumblr_l44o7qkZ4J1qa1z20o1_500







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