Making Money: An Interview with Tony Pepperoni of Shibe Mint

GoldDSide-2 Today we are so used to tangible, physical coins and paper notes it’s hard for a digital currency newcomer to wrap their head around “invisible magic internet money”. The problem with virtual currency is just that- it’s virtual. You can’t hold it in your hand.

No problem, we have people in the community to fill that need, meet Tony Pepperoni, CEO of The Shibe Mint and his physical Dogecoins.

Tony and his noble crew have set about immortalizing the amazing Dogecoin with it’s own physical representation in a collectable coin. Oh, did I say coin? I meant coins. Not just Copper, not just Silver, but now a Gold plated coin serving as an incredible hat-trick of beautiful memorabilia to commemorate the birth of an exciting and exploding digital currency.

The community definitely seems to have a need for these. Pictures of people’s coins pop up almost every day on /r/dogecoin. The Shibe Mint isn’t even alone in this. Users like /u/ozbloke and others work in everything from metal to 3d-printing technology to produce beautiful coins for the community.silver cert

The coins from the Shibe Mint are spectacular, they come in limited edition and include a protective case, a letter of authenticity complete with holographic serial number, and a bonus Dogecoin wallet with few hundred “real” Dogecoin. The Copper coins were $10 Dollars U.S., and the silver coins were sold for $35.00. The 24kt gold plated coins are being released for only $16.99. Of course, you can pay in Dogecoin.

But who is this Tony Pepperoni? I pictured a blacksmith striking a giant, glowing hot anvil in the forest-covered mountains. I had to get to the bottom of this. What is a Shibe Mint and how does it all work?

Mr. Pepperoni was kind enough to take time from the furnace and  answer a few questions:Blacksmiths Craft New Armour For Vatican Swiss Guard

Dogedoor: When did you first hear about Dogecoin?

Tony Pepperoni:   In December, over the holidays, I decided to spend a few weeks learning everything that I could about cryptocurrency.  I started mining, trading, investing, and discovered dogecoin and have been hooked ever since.


DD: What got you interested in making coins?

TP:  I’ve always been a fan of coins. I remember going to coin shows with my father when I was young, and there is something about holding a piece of history in your hand that I love about coins. The Shibe Mint was really just combining two hobbies that I like – coins, and digital currency.  I knew that there was a market for physical bitcoins, and that people are passionate about dogecoin, so thought that it might work out – it has exceeded all of my expectations.


DD: What’s your profession, normally?

TP: I work for a technology company, and have a background in engineering and business.


DD: Where is this fabled “Shibe Mint?”

TP: Our coins are manufactured in the USA, but our main office is in Canada, in Waterloo, Ontario.


DDWhy should someone buy a Shibe Mint Coin?

TP:  Quite simply: because you love Dogecoin. I carry a coin on me at all times, and use it as a prop, a conversation starter, when evangelizing about Dogecoin.   When we released the first coin, and every subsequent release, it needs to pass the test of – if I wasn’t associated with the Shibe Mint… would I want to buy this?  I wouldn’t feel right releasing something that didn’t pass that test.GoldShibeSide1


DD: Will the coins be worth more in the future?

TP:  It’s interesting “creating a collectable”.  If doge continues on this track, with increased awareness and interest, the Shibe Mint will continue to create coins – and the first ones made will naturally appreciate in value.  Many people who have one would likely not sell theirs right now.


DD: Is there thoughts of a solid gold coin in the future?

TP: We are in the development phase with a solid gold coin.It would have to be a smaller coin.  To be completely honest, an ounce of gold is quite expensive, and even making 100 coins of 1oz is a significant upfront material cost. The trick for that one is going to be how many to make, even of the smaller coin.


Thank you Tony for sitting down with us and sharing.

If you haven’t ordered your coin yet, I highly recommend it. There’s just something about holding one of these in your hands that just feels good.  They can be purchased for a limited time at

Click here for more info on the gold coin.



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