Most Expensive Tweet Ever? Someone Just Donated $11,000 to Dogecoin Community Charity


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Those familiar with the Dogecoin community already know it’s uncanny ability to fund charities accomplishing donation goals in record time.

Seizure-Assistance-Dog2I guess sending the Jamaican Bobsled team to the Olympics by helping fund a major portion of their goal wasn’t enough. A week later, a charity pairing service dogs for autistic children, Doges4kids was funded so quickly people complained that they had gone to bed planning to donate in the morning, only to wake up finding the charity fully funded. How’s that for first world problems?


First Doge probs

Dogecoin foundation community member Eric Nakawaga came up with the idea for the community’s next charity focus, Doge4Water.  It’s goal is providing fresh water for those in need in Kenya, Africa by digging wells to help alleviate a treacherous daily walk for the local’s life-giving water.

Would this be Dogecoin’s ultimate charity challenge?doge4water-shibe

It’s goal, 40 million Doge, is a big number. It’s actually in the neighborhood of $33,000.  That’s a lot of cash. People began to worry if we might be exhausting the philanthropic members and ability of the community. That’s a very valid concern, we are only human, we can only give so much money before literally running out! Who could expect us to continually break goal after goal? People began to suggest that we might reset our goal and move to the next charity.  Perhaps instead of two wells, we could maybe build one well- a great accomplishment, and still a beautiful gesture.

Then something amazing happened.

Enter a  mysterious user known as “Hood” who began announcing his plan, tweeting:

I’ve been watching the dogecoin community. They have pure intentions. I will extend a hand out to help.

The greedy will feed you. I will take what they will not give.

It is astonishing that we have fellow humans on this planet without water. We have the wealth, but not the will. The greedy do nothing….

He then gave approximately $11,000 worth of Dogecoin to Doges4water in the form of a single tweet.

In that single message, he topped off the remaining money needed to fulfill the 40 million Dogecoin goal.

This might be the “most expensive tweet” ever sent.

Again, Dogecoin shows its true colors as a power for micro and macro donations- where a community of those that have, find joy and ease in helping those that have not.

It’s important to remember it wasn’t just Hood who donated. Countless people from all walks of life also helped contribute:  the high school student with only a few hundred Dogecoin, the investor with thousands giving back to the community, or just the every day person, touched by the spirit of giving and the joy of helping others.

All of these people came together with a single goal in mind- to give people the simple gift of fresh water- something that astonishingly doesn’t exist for some in this world.

We have reached a new era. We are moving beyond the simple “upvote” or “like” of an internet post or comment. No longer are we virtual spectators while the world unfolds before us. We now can put our money where our mouth is. Our “likes” now have the power of currency behind them. We are empowered to “like” a charity into being fully funded. We can now down-vote diseases, up-vote heroes in the community, and “like” what is good with the world while ctually contributing instead of  merely spectating. Instead of an essentially meaningless virtual “thumbs up“, we now wield the power to express our will with electronic money. Putting it where our mouth, our feelings- and our heart, are.


 Updated News Story from Kenyan News:

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