Proof of concept- Returning Dogecoins from a mistaken send to a Digtialcoin address

If you have sent coins to a Digitalcoin address as a mistake instead of a Dogecoin address at Cryptsy, B-ter, or any exchange please check this out and pass it along to customer service.

Google Doc Link To Proof of Concept: Returning XDG from DGC mis-sends

This was forwarded to me from Reddit user /MRollboto who gave this proof-of-concept to Bter and was allowed to get back the 346145.34351796 coins he “lost”.

(Original Article)

Please pass this on to others that may  have “Destroyed” their Dogecoins.If you, or someone you love gets their coins back, feel perfectly free to give some love to this man @

DLmuGUaZE1bPCkxU874mwQVubrnzrSbJn1qr code proofof concept