Show off your Mining Rig Horror Stories!

laptopfire_2_300Did you melt your workbench?

Set your cat on fire?

Burn down your Dogehouse?

We want to see!  Post a picture of your mining rig, and an explanation of what happened. Share those juicy details so that other Shibes may learn from your misfortune.

I want to build a gallery section featuring all the glorius pictures of mining rigs no more. May they rest in peace as they live on to show others how not to mine.

Leave a comment here, and try and include a link to the photos.  Eventually, we will feature an entire section on Rigs gone Wrong.

The Computer that “Belched Fire”

The Flaky Rig

Power problem Story

Litecoin Rig caught on fire

Motherboard Fire Story

PSU- “It really went down with a loud bang “



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