The Weekend Mega News Update

Hello Wonderful Shibes!

AdminShibe and I have been busy working behind the scenes on an exciting new project we will announce later today. The problem is, we’ve neglected the blog a bit.

To remedy this, I’m going to post a cornucopia of news from this week. A lot has happened in the world of Doge. So let’s get to it!


dogfilmDogecoin get’s major attention on ABC news in Australia!



International Business times mentions Dogecoin’s rise to the moon



riche shibe vault

The first bitcoin based bank? This can only be a good thing!





eminem_smallThe Facebook Tipping app is here!




PC Magazine talks about how  Doge and fighter jets got the Jamaican Bobsled Team to the Olympics



ORIGINAL mad doge shiba (Mobile)A linguist’s take on Doge.





Oh yeah, and something called the Halvening happened whatever that is…vMS7jfv_sm

So thoughts. Very share.